4/22/2018 2:55:05 AM

Monster fish attacks woman in Darwin lake

A POPULAR Darwin lake has been closed after a monster fish attacked a woman bather.

Territorians love it when the fish are biting, but not like this.
Darwin City Council has flown into action after the saucy snapper"s attack, and is closing Lake Alexander for two days, starting tomorrow, while workers try to find and remove the large fish - and a few of its mates.

A delinquent cod with a big mouth is believed to be the most likely offender.

DCC chief executive Brendan Dowd said the woman got the fishy fright last month as she stood in the shallows of the popular lake.

""It had her toes and the front of her foot in its mouth - so it was a big fish,"" he said.

""The lady looked down, (got a) shock, and jumped.""

Mr Dowd said the woman reported the incident to council about 10 days afterwards.

""She said she had minor lacerations, scratches and a bit of bruising.""

As a result, the council decided to remove some of the larger fish as a safety precaution, Mr Dowd said.


""Our thinking is if it has the capacity to put a woman"s foot in its mouth, let"s take the larger fish out and relocate them into the ocean.""

Council workers will be using long-lines and nets to catch them, and Mr Dowd is confident they will collar the criminal cod.

Council intends to distribute photos of the felonious fish, once he"s caught, to prove the nibbler has been nabbed

Monster fish attacks woman in Darwin lakeMonster fish attacks woman in Darwin lake

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