6/22/2018 2:44:32 PM

Vietnamese baby born with a deformed face

Ms. Vo Thi Gai ( Hoai An district, Binh Dinh Province, North East VN )said, after gave birth to Ho Ngoc Toi(name of the baby) doctor at Children hospital Children in District 1, HCMC, south Vietnam diagnosed the baby needed surgery to save his 2 eyes.

Although the mother got goiter, doctors asked her to have urgent surgery but she still hesitated. If she used the money for her surgery, her baby would have been left in difficult condition. "I suffer alot of pain in my life, and now I only hope to help the baby," she said.

mutant child

However, the baby is just nearly two months old, too weak to have a surgery to save his eyes  ". Doctors said to wait till the baby gains 8 or 9kg (17lbs) , strong enoung to have a surgery but since the infection, the baby can not eat, up to now, it has been 3 months the baby only weights 3,5 kg (7lbs)

poor baby

Vietnamese baby born with a deformed faceVietnamese baby born with a deformed face

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