9/28/2020 4:16:40 PM

World's oldest Wedding Cake

It may not look too tasty, but this is the world"s oldest complete wedding cake dating back 113 years.

Sugars have seeped into the icing, turning it brown, and it has a crack due to a bomb blast in World War II.

But tests with a syringe show the cake is still moist despite being baked in 1898 - when Queen Victoria was on the throne, HG Wells" War Of The Worlds was published and the 21st Lancers made the last ever British cavalry charge at the Battle of Omdurman in Sudan.

The four-tier cake was displayed at a bakery until it closed in 1964, then kept in an attic before being given to the Willis Museum in Basingstoke, Hants.

Curator Sue Tapliss said: "The baker"s unmarried daughter donated it towards the end of her life, fearing someone would find it and think she had been jilted at the altar."

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World's oldest Wedding CakeWorld's oldest Wedding Cake

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