2/18/2020 12:22:02 PM

Mexican drugcartel post chainsaw execution video online

The new video shows the execution of two alleged members of the Cartel de Sinaloa, "Sinaloa cartel". Two grim looking men, whose luck ran out, are beheaded still alive in the most brutal way imaginable with a chainsaw.

One of the men is identified as Felix Gamez Garcia, who admits to trafficking drugs to the United States and the other man is identified as Barnabas Gamez Castro, who is the uncle of the first man.

Both men are sitting against a wall, they have no shirt on, and seem renounced to their fate. They answer the questions posed to them by sicarios dressed in military uniforms, and they talk, but deep inside, they must know that no matter what they say, they will not make it out alive this time.

You can hear it in their voices, worn, beaten, tired and left without hope. The hope not just to live a wealthy life as they must thought when they joined the cartel, but now just a basic right to just live.

The uncle has a message for those who might decide to enter the dark side of the drug cartels, "Think next time you decide to give the "finger" (being a rat), think about it very carefully, because it"s not easy being here, and you never return back. With these people you don"t play around, the people of El Chapo are not how they say they are," he says with a broken voice.

When both men are finished talking, it’s time to pay the piper. Both men then appeared frozen in time, staring in to the distance, as if in a trance, living but already dead. Perhaps they were heavily drugged so they didn"t kick and scream during the brutal nightmare. Fear itself will not numb anyone enough to face this level of evil directly in the eye. Even the sound of the chainsaw does not break their trance.

The uncle, Don Gamez Castro, had said that the drug cartels did not pay much, in fact he mentioned that the last work he did for them, they paid him 300 pesos ($21 USD), not nearly enough to die for.

Two men who were murdered for drug affiliations Mexico

watch video on own risk,  be forewarned, it is extremely graphic.

Mexican drugcartel post chainsaw execution video onlineMexican drugcartel post chainsaw execution video online

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