6/22/2018 2:35:37 PM

Pregnant woman grows a penis

A miserable Nigerian woman has complained that during her pregnancy she grew a man’s penis and now wets the bed with it.

48-year-old Zuratu Mohammed from Edo State, Nigeria says she has been blighted with a tallywhacker for the past thirty years, shortly after becoming pregnant with her first child. According to Zuratu she married in 1981, against her families wishes, and soon after became pregnant to her husband. But Zuratu claims that five months into the pregnancy she developed her very own penis, with which she could urinate.

Zuratu concealed her new member from her husband, but when the baby was finally delivered hospital staff spotted the surprise penis and didn’t know what to do with it. The medics tried to remove the organ, but just made matters worse by causing incontinence.

“Carrying the male organ was one problem and sleeping on a bed with it became another problem as any time I closed my eyes, I would urinate without control” Zuratu told allAfrica.com


Pregnant woman grows a penisPregnant woman grows a penis

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