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$18 Million Cold War missile silo with underground bunker for sale at just $1.76 million

If it"s a quiet life you are after or you are worried about the end of the world, this underground bunker could be answer to your dreams.

It"s nuclear and biochemically bomb proof and has enough room for an army. In fact, this Cold War missile silo was once owned by the U.S. military.
Today the 185-acre site which cost $18 million to build back in the Fifties is for sale at $1.72 million.

Underground homesketch the bunker which was once home for nuclear missiles and military personal during the Cold War s

The circular two-level launch control room was uninhabitable after being swamped in water for over three decades. For three years college kids manually cleaned up the sludge.

Now, a would-be buyer can fly directly to the property and land on the runway alongside the open-plan surface lodge which hides the silo entrance.
A keypad protected door on one side of the lodge gives access to the renovated launch control room below.

The two lower-levels feature windows that stream simulated daylight. At 40-feet underground, a 2,000-pound "impenetrable" door leads to a 50-foot tunnel.
This leads to the 185-foot-deep cylindrical missile storage room which is in its original condition. The steel structure that held the missiles is still there.
Individual properties on the site with access to the silo are on sale for $750,000.

Home comfortsThe circular accommodation under the lodge  The site for sale   million

LairThe renovated circular control room which was filled with water and sludge for years after was abandoned

Steel guardThe  impenetrable   pound steel door which gives access the missile silo Accessdoor leading the next level the underground military base which cost  million build the s
One of the doors leads down to the next level while the "impenetrable" 2000 pound steel door open to the missile silo which is still in it"s original condition

Opening the missile siloThe site has been restored over years after two businessmen bought the site

Open planInside the lodge style home the surface which hides the entrance the underground control room and silo

$18 Million Cold War missile silo with underground bunker for sale at just $1.76 million$18 Million Cold War missile silo with underground bunker for sale at just $1.76 million

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