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Japanese retiree has spent last 20 years naked on remote island

Plenty of retirees head off to Florida or Arizona, but one Japanese dude decided to spend the rest of his life alone and naked on a tiny remote island that plenty would find uninhabitable.

76-year-old Masafumi Nagasaki has been living in the buff on the island of Sotobanari for about 20 years, since he retired from his work in the entertainment industry.

"Here on the island it feels right, it"s like a uniform," he says.

"If you put on clothes, you"ll feel completely out of place."

He still puts on some threads to go buy food and fresh water a couple times a month.

Other than that, it"s all birthday suit, all the time.

Masafumi Nagasaki

After a brief career as a photographer, and a longer one in the murkier side of the entertainment industry, Mr Nagasaki said he wanted a place to retire away from it all.

"I don"t do what society tells me, but I do follow the rules of the natural world," said Mr Nagasaki. "You can"t beat nature so you just have to obey it completely. That"s what I learned when I came here, and that"s probably why I get by so well."

But he does puts on clothes once a week for a trip to the nearest settlement, about one hour by skiff, to collect 10,000 yen his brother sends him each month.

He is then able to buy fresh water and food, including his favourite sweet-and-sticky rice balls.
While it may seem like a carefree lifestyle, Mr Nagasaki also sets himself a strict timetable.

He begins the day with stretches in the sun on the beach. From there the day then becomes a race against time as he prepares food, cleans camp and washes in buckets of rainwater before the light falls and insects come out to bite.

It is not the healthiest of lifestyles, he admits - but then that"s not the point.

"Finding a place to die is a really important thing to do, and I"ve decided here is the place for me," said Mr Nagasaki. "To die here, surrounded by nature like this, you just can"t beat it can you?"

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Japanese retiree has spent last 20 years naked on remote islandJapanese retiree has spent last 20 years naked on remote island

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