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Public Adult playgrounds on the rise

Glossy exercise machines are cropping up in parks, near the brightly-coloured swings and slides for children.

Outdoor gyms - or adult playgrounds - have been growing in popularity in recent years. The Great Outdoor Gym Company (GOGC) was one of the earliest companies to specialise in providing the equipment in the UK. Launching in 2007, they drew inspiration from the Chinese government which was installing outdoor gym equipment in parks.

"Cost and accessibility are the two main barriers for people wanting to exercise". "Adult playgrounds remove these barriers and that"s why their popularity has grown."

The council cites research suggesting that 26% of those who were using the outdoor gyms had never exercised before.

Pennine Playgrounds has been designing sites aimed at adults for four years, says director Vicki Braithwaite. The run-up to the Olympics and Jubilee has seen a surge in demand, she says, with orders for outdoor gym equipment up 1,200% in 2012.

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Public Adult playgrounds on the risePublic Adult playgrounds on the rise

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