5/20/2018 2:03:22 PM

Parents Let 5-Year-Old Daughter Swim with Sharks

Two parents have been branded irresponsible after letting their five-year-old daughter swim with sharks.David and Elana Barnes, from Connecticut, allowed daughter Anaia to with reef, lemon and nurse sharks during a holiday in the Bahamas.A video of the ‘adventure’ sparked outrage after it was uploaded to video sharing website YouTube where it has been viewed nearly 200,000 times.

The couple say they were fully aware of the risks and were satisfied that Anaia was safe during the activity.“At no point did I feel like this was dangerous,” Mrs Barnes said during an appearing on Good Morning America.Mr Barnes added: “There’s just always risk assessments in life every day. I’m more concerned that they don’t put seatbelts in school buses.”

Nurse sharks and lemon sharks are not considered to be aggressive toward humans, but reef sharks are more of a threat.Writing in the video’s description, Mrs Barnes enthused that swimming with the beasts was worth putting “on your bucket list”.



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Parents Let 5-Year-Old Daughter Swim with SharksParents Let 5-Year-Old Daughter Swim with Sharks

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