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South Korean Man Escapes Jail Through Jail Cell Meal Slot

Daegu, South Korea - Choi Gap-bok, a 50-year-old South Korea man is now one of Daegu"s most notorious criminals after he escaped jail through a jail cell food slot.

Gap-bok with 25 convictions, was locked inside a police holding cell after he was charged with suspicion of robbery.

What police didn"t know is that Gap-bok is considered a yoga master by his friends and has been practicing the art for more than 23 years.

Investigators say Gap-bok put his 23 years of yoga practice to good use a few days after his arrest when he managed to escape his cell by slipping through a food tray slot.

Gap-bok, who has now been dubbed the "Korean Houdini" by local media, waited until the three guards on duty had fallen asleep before attempting his jail break.

The space Gap-bok reportedly slipped through measured about 7 inches tall and 17 inches wide, according to local media.

Officials say Gap-bok applied skin ointment to his body and squeezed through the meal tray slot in just 34 seconds.

"He escaped from the prison cell in less than a minute after moving flexibly like an octopus," stated a Korean police investigator."

Despite Gap-bok"s notable escape, he was captured again as police surrounded him on an apartment building rooftop in Milyang.

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Choi Gap-bok, Yoga Master

Choi Gap-bok

South Korean Man Escapes Jail Through Jail Cell Meal SlotSouth Korean Man Escapes Jail Through Jail Cell Meal Slot

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