4/25/2018 4:08:00 PM

Stairway to heaven in China

Just looking at these stairs is enough to give anyone vertigo, but they are expected to attract thousands of tourists in China.

The 300ft spiral staircase has been installed on the wall of the Taihang Mountains in Linzhou to offer the thrill of mountaineering without the danger.

But senior climbers beware you have to be under 60 to be allowed on the staircase.

Chinese tourist officials in Linzhou, Henan province, hope the stairs will give visitors a real experience of the mountain range.

‘Here the wind blows and batters them, the birds fly past them, the stairs creak. It is a lot more authentic than an elevator,’ explained one official.

enormous spiral staircase

got half way and couldn any furthermight just have stay theretourist official joked

risky climbspiral staircase besidetaihang mountainslinzhouchinaclimbers have sign form saying they have heart conditions

china mountain stair

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Stairway to heaven in ChinaStairway to heaven in China

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