6/22/2018 2:40:36 PM

Man gives woman Finger, woman bites it off

Chicago, IL -- A woman bit a man’s finger off in self-defense, prosecutors said Sunday in Cook County Bond Court.

Jerry Stevenson was loading and unloading a shotgun inside his home as he threatened to kill his estranged girlfriend and her twin children.

Investigators say the woman attempted to flee his home, however Stevenson chased her down, jumped on top of her and began choking her with his hands.

At some point in the struggle, the woman realized that Stevenson"s finger was inside her mouth so she bit the finger off in an effort to get Stevenson off of her.

Stevenson was transported to a hospital where doctors successfully reattached the finger.

Stevenson, who is a registered sex offender, was booked into jail and charged with aggravated domestic battery, domestic battery and simple assault.

He remains held in lieu of $200,000 bond.

Jerry Stevenson
Jerry Stevenson

Man gives woman Finger, woman bites it offMan gives woman Finger, woman bites it off

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