2/18/2020 1:08:32 PM

Under the Dome: The world's largest indoor Beach middle of the German countryside

It is the world’s largest indoor beach with 400 sunloungers - and not a cloud in sight.

Yet with up to 6,000 visitors allowed in at a time, there are bound to be towel-fights over them – especially as this "indoors paradise" is in Germany.

The Tropical Island Resort in Krausnick, south of Berlin also boasts the largest indoor pool, 50,000-plant forest - and enough space to fly a hot air balloon inside.

The former aircraft hangar has been transformed into a paradise offering tourists a tropical escape, if you can ignore the fact that you are miles from any ocean - or the tropics, for that matter.

The gigantic hangar was built to produce transport zeppelins but after the company went bankrupt in 1992 the hangar fell into disuse.

A Malaysian company saw the potential in the hangar, which is the world’s largest freestanding building, and Tropical Island Resort opened.

Despite the impressive interior of the hot hangar, visitors reviewing the indoor tropical resort on reddit complained about high prices on everything from beverages to accommodation and additional fees to use the popular water slides.

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lots room for slideyoungstersand adultsenjoyfunmulti coloured slidestower overbeachdome

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bedrooms insidewooden cabins allow visitors stay overnightunder two roofs

Under the Dome: The world's largest indoor Beach middle of the German countrysideUnder the Dome: The world's largest indoor Beach middle of the German countryside

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