2/18/2020 12:32:03 PM

Teen boy grows teeth to look like a vampire

A CHINESE boy has grown two sharp front teeth - making him look like a VAMPIRE. Mum Wang Hui took her son Wang Pengfei, 16, to a local hospital for medical tests earlier this week.

The lad, from Chongqing municipality, southwest China, had very little hair at birth - and only grew these two sharp teeth.

Wang Hui has tried to get to the bottom of his curious canines with umpteen hospital visits but with little success. Docs at South West Hospital now say that her boy will only be eligible for surgery when he is an adult.

The cost for sorting out his dodgy gnashers would be around 70,000 to 80,000 Yuan or £7,000.
Wang Hui said her son"s character has become more and more isolated throughout his teens - and that he attacks classmates who stare at him or whisper about him.

Wang Pengfei is so shy about his condition he even refuses to pose for photos.
His worried mum said: "He has no friends, and has gradually realised he is different from other children."


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Scan ... an x-ray shows Wang Pengfei"s unusual teeth

Teen boy grows teeth to look like a vampireTeen boy grows teeth to look like a vampire

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