6/22/2018 2:43:22 PM

Chair made from 65,000 Rubber Bands

An student"s rubber band ball started making a ball of rubber bands in class - and 65,000 bands later, it had stretched into the world"s bounciest office chair.

Industrial Design student Preston Moeller, 26, spent 336 hours designing and building the 3ft tall chair.
It weighs 35lb and can support the weight of a grown adult.

His colourful creation earned him the $3,000 first prize in the Appalachian State University’s 6th Annual Chair Design Competition.

Mr Moeller, from Cleveland, North Carolina, constructed the chair by wrapped rubber bands around a wire frame, hidden from view.

rubber band balltransformed into bouncy office chair preston moellerfellow student maegen eichinger showedoffice chairsupport grown adult


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preston moellerhas putrubber band ball more unconventional useoffice chair

rubber band chair stands three feet tall and weighs lbs

preston moellerbaggedtop prizeuniversity design awards
Preston Moeller, 26, bagged the top prize at his university"s design awards

Chair made from 65,000 Rubber BandsChair made from 65,000 Rubber Bands

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