4/25/2018 4:26:22 PM

12-year-old girl is always Hungry after brain surgery

CINCINNATI - Alexis Shapiro, 12, suffers from a rare condition called hypothalamic obesity that leaves her always feeling hungry. After gaining 200 pounds, she was scheduled to have a gastric bypass operation but doctors were unable to complete the full procedure because her liver was too large.

Shapiro"s symptoms started in 2011 after she had a benign brain tumor removed. When the tumor was removed, her pituitary gland was damaged. This affected how her body perceives hunger signals from her digestive system.

Doctors at the Cincinnati Children"s Medical Center said this type of weight loss surgery will likely help to shrink Alexis’ liver and help her lose weight, so that a full gastric bypass will be possible in the future.

Alexis is currently in critical but stable condition.

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12-year-old girl is always Hungry after brain surgery12-year-old girl is always Hungry after brain surgery

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