9/28/2020 2:17:57 PM

Students Suspended For Playing "Choking Game" at gym class

CINCINNATI -- Five students at Northwest High School have been suspended for playing a potentially deadly game. School officials declined comment, but News 5 has learned that the students are on a 10-day suspension after one student choked four others in gym class.

“To think that someone would actually choke your child into unconsciousness during school hours, on school property (and) supervised by a teacher is absolutely unreal,” said Amanda Diel, whose daughter was involved in the incident.

Taylor Leslie, 15, said she has learned that the choking game is nothing to play around with.

Cool Little Game, Girl Says

“She"d take the palms of her hands right here, and presses it against your two most valuable veins,” she said.

The pressure cuts off circulation to the brain, and the lack of oxygen caused her to pass out.

“All of a sudden you start drifting off, and then you can feel you body start to shake, you get like confused and you wake up and you have no clue where you are,” Taylor said.

The freshman’s mom said that, as a nurse, she’s aware of the health risks the game posed.

“She could have had a stroke (or) a seizure -- she could have actually died,” Diel said.

Diel said school officials suspended Taylor and three other students who were choked, but not the girl who did the choking.

“We just thought it was a cool little game,” Taylor said.

Her mother said the punishment does not fit the offense.

“A 10-day suspension with recommendation for expulsion for basically being victimized is completely reprehensible . It shouldn"t have happened,” Diel said.

Students Suspended For Playing "Choking Game" at gym classStudents Suspended For Playing "Choking Game" at gym class

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