6/5/2020 12:18:05 PM

Obama beer sparks controversy

President Barack Obama is getting some flack and some praise after enjoying a beer.

He was at an NBA basketball game and ordered a brew. Images of Mr. Obama enjoying a beer have angered some people.

One caller to WWL complained, "People are losing 5, 10, 20 thousand dollars a day in the stock market, and he"s sitting there drinking a beer!" She also said, "It"s insulting... there"s a lot of people suffering." She insisted President Obama should not publicly have fun during a time of so much pain.

"That"s the craziest thing I"ve ever heard in my life," one man called in to reply. "He didn"t mess up the country, first of all... let"s be real now. A man"s gotta take some down time."

"She needs to get a life," another called responded. "We all need to lighten up."

Another man said, "Aww heck, you know, ain"t nothin" wrong with it. He"s takin" a little break, knockin" him down a cold one."

However, another woman was upset about the courtside presidential beer. "The president is the president 24 hours a day. I don"t think he should drink on the job."



Obama beer sparks controversyObama beer sparks controversy

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