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Fong Lee shot by police: 1 shooting, 2 stories

Was the gun in the hand of Fong Lee when he was fatally shot by a Minneapolis police officer three years ago? Or was it planted at the scene?

Four days after a Minneapolis police officer fatally shot her younger brother during a foot chase, Shoua Lee and Police Chief Tim Dolan stood together in a city conference room watching a surveillance video that captured the moments before the shooting. Dolan, she said, was adamant that day in July 2006 that Fong Lee had a gun in his hand, pointing at the television screen to emphasize his point.

Shoua Lee, equally passionate, argued no gun could be seen, she recalled Thursday.

The debate over Fong Lee"s death was reignited this week with a lawsuit"s allegation that a gun was planted next to Lee"s body at the scene, and dueling allegations Thursday by community groups and city officials. An e-mail by City Attorney Susan Segal made public Thursday said the claims are false and that the court process ultimately will show that the Police Department acted lawfully.

The suit, which cites police reports appearing to show that the gun in question could have been in police custody for two years before Lee"s death, is supported by a group of community activists who called Thursday for an independent investigation to unravel what they described as a department-wide cover up.

"I"m not surprised to hear that a gun was planted; We"ve known all along my brother didn"t have a gun," Shoua Lee said Thursday. "From the time he was shot, the police"s story never made sense."

Conflicting reports

Officer Jason Andersen shot Fong Lee, 19, eight times during a chase on the playground at Cityview Elementary School in north Minneapolis on July 22, 2006. Andersen was later awarded the department"s medal of valor.

At a news conference afterward, Dolan held up a Russian-made Baikal .380 semiautomatic pistol, saying it was found next to Lee. A police report filed six days after Lee"s death said it was stolen in a burglary in Minneapolis in 2004.

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This surveillance video released by the Minneapolis Police Department shows Fong Lee, 19, being chased by police officer Jason Andersen in July 2006.

fong lee
Was this gun in the hand of Fong Lee when he was fatally shot by a Minneapolis police officer?

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Fong Lee shot by police: 1 shooting, 2 storiesFong Lee shot by police: 1 shooting, 2 stories

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